Friday, September 11, 2015

Short Film Germ

Based on a true story.

First scene:

Norkis Basketball Park. A thug punches the face of a player while making a layup. Player makes a hard fall, blood pouring out of his face. Crowd stunned. Make shots that depict the whole bloody scene.

Scene 2:

Same thug is scene talking at some tambays. You can see kids and some elders playing basketball with a small court, using a small ball. Some people are apparently intimidated by his presence. A friend taller than him tried to make fun of him punching that kid the other day. Guy's actually selling a gun on the street.

Scene 3:

Thug is abducted by unknown people with a black van.

Scene 4:

Something cruel happens.

Scene 5:

Guy's seen stumbling his way to home. He packs his clothes.

Scene 6:

We see him embarking a ship to nowhere.

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